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Construction Plans

Technical Consultancy

  1. Civil and environmental services

  2. Structural design

  3. Land development

  4. Urban Transformation

  5. Eearthquake Performance Analysis

  6. Surveying

  7. Site development

Architectural Modelling

Construction Management

At METSEL, we provide construction management services tailored to each project’s size and complexity. We design with a sharp focus on cost, schedule compliance, safety, and risk management, closely monitor construction activities and offer advice on issues such as constructability, contract management.

Construction Site

Public & Residential Construction

METSEL CONSTRUCTION, which has been in the sector since 1984, has meticulously carried out a total of 200,000 m² construction projects, 115,000 m² of which are public and 85,000 m² of which are residential projects.

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The CEO of the company began working as a designer in 1983. The first project was taken in 1984. And after this many public and private projects were done successfully. In 1997 the CEO decided to turn his experience, skills and accumulation into a corporation and thus founded METSEL Construction Company. This company was born as a family company but decided to work professionally in every construction domain.
METSEL was founded by harmonizing the architectural and engineering experience with design, application and corporate management. Supported by experienced crews and advanced technology, this entrepreneurial spirit brace up by combining public and private projects.
METSEL has a wide portfolio which is always mentioned with impressive projects such as high technical detailed artistic private buildings, commercial complexes, hospitals, schools and residential building complexes.
The main characters of METSEL are; an integrative approach in architectural design; prudence in details, consistency and delivery speed in construction applications, customer satisfaction relying upon friendship and trust.
METSEL has worked within principles of ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001. Because we care about our customers, we care about our workers and we care about the environment.

OHS Policy

By providing training opportunities to all of our employees and subcontractors within our company and ensuring their conscious participation in the system,
Aiming continuous improvement in Occupational Safety and Environment issues,

By protecting natural resources, minimizing the amount of waste, preventing soil, air and water pollution and trying to take the necessary measures to increase the recovery rate while the projects are carried out,

Complying with the current national and international laws, bylaws, regulations, regulations and the conditions of the organizations to which it is a member,

By following the technological developments in the field of Occupational Safety and Environment, by trying to use the technology with the highest safety level and the most compatible with the environment in all activities carried out by our company, by providing continuous improvement,

Believing that accidents arising from work and environmental conditions can be prevented, and by trying to reach the goal of 'zero work accident and occupational disease' by making one-to-one participation and risk assessment in advance,

We will continue our work.


Quality policy

Our quality goals are shaped according to customer requests, and to go beyond these requests. In addition, the optimization of factors such as performance, cost, time, price and customer satisfaction constitutes the basis of the Quality Policy for Metsel Construction. Quality for our company; it is a target that is reshaped when it is reached and needs to be taken further.



Year Established

200000 m²

of Construction Completed 
+ 50,000









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Head Office

Dedezade Caddesi Beyzade İşhanı Kat:2 No:20

46100 Dulkadiroğlu/KAHRAMANMARAŞ

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Tel: +90-344-2154746
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